Ministry Feedback

Dr. Gentry:

I have greatly appreciated your work over the years and can say that you among a few others were used of the Lord to lead me into Reformed theology. Also, as a former dispensationalist, I have appreciated your critique of the system. So, thank you again brother! May the Lord bless your work!

D.H. (Nashville, NC)

Dr. Gentry

I  am writing to let you know how much I enjoyed your book on postmillennialism. It is really good and I couldn’t put it down. I plan to buy more copies to give out to my friends. You are one of my favorite authors and I appreciate all of the hard work you have done in studying the Scriptures. Thank you.

E. H. (Cleveland, OH)

Dr. Gentry

You have helped me in my Reformed faith more than you know. I thank God for calling you to His service.

R.R. (Winter Haven, FL)

Dr. Gentry

Blessings to you brother! First, I wanted to encourage you and let you know that God has used you and your teaching and books in a huge way in my life and ministry to shape me and even correct me. He is using your teaching and books to bless the church-plant that He has called me to Pastor as well. So thank you brother for your faithfulness to Him. Keep fighting!

J.D. (Phoenix, AZ)

Dr. Gentry

ou have been a key influence in pulling me out of dispensationalism and becoming a solid Postmil. Thank you.

D.B. (Estcourt Station, ME)

Dr. Gentry

I’ve lost count of how many brothers I’ve been able to introduce to Postmill because of your lectures and books. We just had a BBQ this weekend with our staff and I was just amazed to see the outworking of all that God showed me through your teachings and the fire that our leadership has to leave a legacy for the Gospel. Praise God brother. Keep fighting the good fight!

J.D. (Chandler, AZ)

Dr. Gentry

I would like to begin by thanking you for your wealth of knowledge and the time you have put into your work. I recently purchased some of your materials and I plan on buying more when I finish what I have. Thanks for all your work.

T.P. (Austria)

Dr. Gentry

I want you to know that I really appreciate your ministry. I was raised pre-mil dispensationalist, but when I first hear the message you gave (via internet) at a Ligonier conference on the early date for Revelation, that forced me to re-examine my thinking on escatology, and now I see things in a totally new light. Most of my friends find it hard to believe that I am now post-mil and preterist! To them it is almost (or altogether) heretical. But to me, it is so clearly the truth of God’s word.

D.R. (Listowel, Ontario, Canada)

Dr. Gentry

I listened to your lectures on Youtube from 1999 about your views concerning eschatology. You have revolutionized my thinking on this. Next week I am heading to the Philippines for vacation. My entire extended family (young adults) all want to watch the same lectures in my hotel on Youtube. (They have no books or internet.)

Thank you very much for your study on this subject and for providing your thinking online.

T.J. (San Jose, CA)

Dr. Gentry

I was a student at whitefield (M.Div Program) and I really enjoyed your books and teaching. Thank you and God bless.

J.M. (Mesa, AZ)

Dr. Gentry

I just want you to know that I have been tremendously blessed in my own studies due to the fine work you’ve set forth. I pray God’s continued strength and wisdom as you pursue His best in ministry. Shalom and much grace-

C. G. (Medford, Ore.)

Dr. Gentry

You have been an important voice in my life as I began to abandon dispensationalism three years ago. I’ve read most of your books and am a huge fan of the Made Easy series. Thanks so much for producing these books!


Dr. Gentry

The Lord has used you to deepen my understanding of the Reformed faith and my commitment to our Lord. I look forward to each book you release. Keep up the good work.

H.P. (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Dr. Gentry

I’ve been blessed greatly by your writings and presentations (videos), as has been the apologetics class I lead each week in my church. Thank you for your heart for our Savior, for His truth, and for His people!

S.J. (Verona, NY)

Dr. Gentry

I am really thankful that I came across your book “He Shall Have Dominion” several years ago. God used that book to introduce me to theonomic ethics and postmillenial optimism, and it has benefited my Christian faith.

I hope you write a lot more books. You are a fantastic writer and a great speaker. Perhaps in God’s plan I will get to meet you someday. I would love to hear your first hand accounts of the glory days of theonomy.

C.J. (Oakland, CA)

Dr. Gentry

I can never thank you enough for all the wonderful teaching you provide through your books. You are the most thorough of any of the commentators I have encountered even maintaining respect for those who have a different interpretation. I appreciate your work greatly and am thoroughly blessed by it. Many, many thanks!

I’m excited about your studies on Revelation and have every confidence in Revelation being a book of judgement on Israel. When I decided several years back to find out from the Lord what the book of Revelation REALLY had to say, I read through it about three times and I finally got, “Israel is the harlot being judged.” It was after this the Lord led to your books for much greater understanding.

L.S. (Bothell, Wash.)

Dr. Gentry

I’m very glad to know about the commentary. I know that you’ve been working on it for a good number of years and I look forward to reading it. You’re hard work and ministry have been an encouragement to me at various times throughout the past…oh…ten years. I’m very grateful for it.

N.H. (Atlanta, GA)

Dr. Gentry

I just wanted to drop you a line thanking you for your book Before Jerusalem fell and your studies on the beast of Revelation. I’ve been studying a lot having awakened to the premillenial viewpoint. My father in Law is a Christian Zionist Pastor and our entire family has effectively recieved his faith and teachings without question. Since learning about what Christian Zionism really is and finding great teachers such as yourself, Stephen Sizer, O. Palmer Robertson and Gary DeMar, I’ve learned more in the last year about God’s word and His purpose for His church than I have in the last 25 years of my Christian walk. Thank you so much for the life changing information.

S.V. (Portsmouth, England)

Dr. Gentry

Thank you for your very well thought out exegesis and presentation in your books. I appreciate your attention and brief replies to questions that I send you. I recognize that I am a neophyte in scripture and trust this will not be taxing considering your busy schedule.

G.B. (Denver, Col.)

Dr. Gentry

I am thoroughly enjoying your book “Revelation Made Easy”! Thanks SO much for writing this. As far as I’m concerned, this is a MUST read for every believer &historian.

J. C. (Greenville, SC)

Dr. Gentry

I want to thank you for doing such an amazing job. GOD Bless you .This work of yours is tremendous and has cleared up all of the questions I myself have had. Clear and concise.

F. D. (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

Dr. Gentry

Thank you for what you have written. Your works on Revelation, 2 Thessalonians 2, Daniel, Theonomy, and partial-preterism have been eye-opening. I praise God for the work that He has done in and for many through what He caused you to research and write.

S.M. (San Bernadino, Calif.)

Dr. Gentry

Keep up the Lord’s Work! I am continually confident that the Lord is working His perfect work through His imperfect people. You have been a part of making me see that vision! I don’t believe you have to be a Theonomist to see His will carried out. I am reminded of Romans 12:21.

J.A. (Chicago, Ill.)

Dr. Gentry

Your presentation on the Beast of Revelation at the 1999 Ligionier Conference was an altar call like experience for me. Never been the same since.

G. C. (San Bernandino, CA)

Dr. Gentry

I have just finished reading your book ‘Before Jerusalem Fell.’ I found it very helpful.

You persuaded me with your reasoning that the Revelation of John refers to the destruction of Jerusalem, temple worship, and God’s divorcing of physical Israel.

Previously, I had believed Revelation referred to Roman persecution of Christians, and was of the late first century date.

The points that were convincing to me are:

  1. The temple in Jerusalem seems to be refered to as if it were still standing

  2. The Jewish themes throughout the letter seems more characteristic of the earliest decades of Christianity, and not so much after 70 AD when there was a definite split between Judaism and Christianity

  3. Description of Israel as ‘harlot’ uses the same language as in Old Testmanet prophets

  4. Seutonius mentions Nero but not Domitian regarding persecution of Christians

Thank you.

J.S. (Irving, Texas)

Dr. Gentry

I sent this message out on my Facebook page: “I have been reading a book by Ken Gentry. It’s called ‘God Gave Wine.’ It’s a fantastic exposition of alcohol in the Bible. Read it and be blessed.” Thanks for your writings!

M.P. Newport News, VA

Dr. Gentry

I read your book, “Before Jerusalem Fell,” and I want you to know that it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. I’m convinced that anybody who doesn’t believe in an early date for the book of Revelation just doesn’t want to believe it. The evidence that you put forth in the book is very compelling.

S.B. (Pittsburgh, PA)

Dr. Gentry

For several years I have been introducing you in Japan as a theologian who supports six-day creationism and postmillennialism on my webpage titled “Why Don’t Evangelicals Believe in Six-Day Creationism?” On that page, I have listed the evangelical theologians who have influenced evangelicals in Japan, listing their positions on eschatology and creationism along with brief bios. I respect you as a great Christian leader. God bless you.

K.K. (Tokyo, Japan)

Dr. Gentry

I have read and been greatly helped by several of your books. I spent a couple of years wrestling through eschatology, and your materials were SUCH a help. I saw you listed as a friend of a friend so I thought I would request you. Thank you very much for your ministry! There was a very difficult time there when I knew I was no longer a Dispensationalist but didn’t quite know hoe to articulate some of the conclusions I was coming to. You were SUCH a help. “Before Jerusalem Fell” was really key for me. Once that domino is in place it is really helpful. That is one of four of your books I devoured. Again, thanks!

T.C. (Vineland, NJ)

Dr. Gentry

I got to meet Greg Bahnsen in December of 92; he spoke at a men’s retreat for Chatsworth Christian church. I recall (at that Christmas retreat) that Greg was talking about your upcoming book, “He Shall Have Dominion”, saying it will be the best treatment on eschatology to date, even though he hadn�t read the book yet, he said he knew the man, “you”. I would personally still agree with Greg Bahnsen, even through we are into 2011. I love that work of yours! And have read it three times! I use it like a reference book. Keep up the good work, and God bless you!

D.S. (Concord, Calif.)

Dr. Gentry

Just finished reading your response to Grudem. He won me over several years ago and only your thorough response has pushed me back in the right direction. I appreciate your careful and reasoned approach.

Rev. T. M. (Utah)

Dr. Gentry

I can not tell you how much I appreciate your work. Your book Before Jerusalem Fell was instrumental in taking me down a long path to the truth and helping find what Revelation was really explaining.

I am a Seminary graduate (1999) from an Arminian, Baptist, premil, dispensational school that became Reformed, Calvinist, Post-mil, presbyterian that is a Preterist as well. Your book BJF, along with Sproul’s book The Last Days According to Jesus got me on the right path. Your writings are clear and truly freeing to the soul.

Can’t wait to get your commentary!

R. R. (Orlando)

Dr. Gentry

You have been a blessing to so many people. God has given you numerous gifts. Thank you for your labors.

T.F. (Aurora, Col.)

Dr. Gentry

Thank God for using you Sir to draw me out from the intellectual horror of dispensationalism, much appreciated!! God bless!!

S. E. (The Netherlands)

Dr. Gentry

I wanted to tell you that I saw a 25 part video series on youtube about the Beast being identified back in November of 2008. THAT VIDEO SERIES CHANGED MY WHOLE CHRISTIAN VIEW ON A LOT OF THINGS. I will never read the Bible the same ever again because of what you taught. Thank you!

M.C. (Novato, Calif.)

Dr. Gentry

I watched your teaching on the Book of Revelation and was very much interested. It has shown me I need to read and study more on this subject! Thank you for doing your calling from the Lord; it has affieted me and many others. Thank you again.

(Please note: This is an English as Second Language writer)

G. M. (Utica, NY)

Dr. Gentry

I have enjoyed your writings over the years and will be adding your latest book as well. Your teaching ministry has been a blessing in my life and answered many questions I have had.

D. P. (Indianapolis, Ind.)

Dr. Gentry

Thank you for your new work, “Keys to the Book of Revelation”. I found it extremely enlightening, very well organized and nicely presented. The production overall is of a high quality. The added visuals and additional camera angles helped to keep me focused and made the video more interesting to watch than just a single camera shot. Your syllabus is a wonderful addition and very helpful in learning and retaining the information presented. It will become a nice handy reference.

Your witty end credits and warnings at the end of each DVD were a great touch! Very funny! It seemed from watching some of your other DVDs and listening to your Harlot and The Beast CDs that you have a fun sense of humor. I’ve really enjoyed reading and listening to your teachings. Great insights from a great man of God.

J. M. (Lake Elsinore, Calif)

Dr. Gentry

Before Jerusalem Fell and your ministry have changed not only my ministry (I am a pastor and missionary in Brazil) but also my life. May God continue blessing you, your ministry and all your family. Shalom.

D. S. (Vitoria de Conquista, Brazil)

Dr. Gentry

I just finished reading your recent book, “The Book of Revelation Made Easy.” In 30 years as a Christian I’ve never had the understanding of Revelation that I do now. In fact, I realize now that I have never had a pastor that really understood it either…though many were tremendously confident in their (futurist) interpretive assertions.

I was amazed at the volume of passages from all over the NT you showed to be directly connected to the preterist interpretation. (…and almost never have I heard those many verses connected to the judgment of the first century Jews.)

I am very thankful for the years of work you put into your preparation, study and writing. I could never give you enough to repay you for the value of what I’ve learned.

Thank you very much.

T.J. (Sunnyvale, Calif.)

Dr. Gentry

I have a long story that I would love to share with you. My family and I just recently made the jump into the Presbyterian world out of the Baptist (SBC) church. I have been a Baptist pastor for the last nine years or so, so this was a BIG leap. Over the years my convictions on what I was learning in scripture became to be clearly not baptistic in many regards.

All of this to say, during my quest for truth (of which I remain on) I read a few articles written by you that were very influential in our decision. I wanted to thank you for that, and look forward to continuing to learn from and through your labors.

B.F. (Clintwood, VA)

Dr. Gentry

I’ve learned a great deal from your DVD ‘The Beast of Revelation: Identified’ and your book ‘The Greatness of the Great Commission’. I look forward to reading more of your materials!

LV (Houston, TX)

Dr. Gentry

During my search to find a Reformed church in my area, I discovered Nicene Council’s website, and your excellent books and DVDs. Your book “Before Jerusalem Fell” opened my eyes to the accurate interpretation of Revelation. What an amazing work. I couldn’t stop reading it. I’ve purchased a few others copies for some of my closest dispensational friends. Since then, I’ve listened to your 20-CD series on Revelation, and a few of your other books and DVDs. Wow! I can’t tell you how sincerely grateful I am to you for your excellent works! You truly are a blessing to the body of Christ. Thank you!

May you be encouraged in your work and dedication to the Lord’s work. You are touching and changing more lives than you realize. God is so wonderful to us. May He bless you and your family.

J.M. (Phoenix, AZ)

Dr. Gentry

Loved Book of Revelation Made Easy! I can’t wait for the Commentary!

J.S. (Ridgecrest, CA)

Dr. Gentry

I have been conversing with an amill friend about all things eschatological. He now says he is very persuaded by the post mill argument! This is thanks in great part to the education I have received from you and your commentaries!

I’m sure you are told many times, but I am so grateful for your writings. Thanks to you, as we homeschool our children, we are all the better equipped to share with them the victory of the gospel and of our Lord Jesus Christ.

A.H. (Orlando, FL)

Dr. Gentry

I just wanted to tell you that I appreciated your Book of Revelation Made Easy. I was still struggling after some two years with certain things on the preterist approach to Revelations but your book helped me out. I especially was illuminated by your treatment of the new heavens and new earth and the new Jerusalem. This for me was perhaps the hardest part for me to comprehend from a preterist perspective. Thank you very much.

O. D. (Truth or Consequences, NM)

Dr. Gentry

I am writing to express my deep appreciation for your many scholarly works. The “made easy” series is a blessing. I gave my copy of “Revelation made easy” to my folks and that’s why I ordered another one for myself. It is a “must have” for any serious student of Scripture. I am currently reading your “Mt. 24 made easy”. I know what we see in your books years of diligent scholarship and a commitment to the the truth of God’s word. I was particularly helped by your critique of hyper-pretersim which unfortunately infected our body but thanks to men of God like you-we were able to educate ourself and our body and it is cut out. I was particularly helped by your chapter on Keith Mathison’s book on “When shall these things be? A reformed response to hyper-pretersim” and also your article in the Chalcedon Journal.

Anyway-I know Pastors rarely hear about what difference their teaching makes on this side of eternity and I want you to be encouraged that God is using you in my life and in the life of our body. Keep on keeping on for the glory of God.

D.P. (Lyncburg, VA)

Dr. Gentry

I have just finished Navigating the Book of Revelation and am looking forward to the full commentary. I became 99% convinced of the basic preterist position on Revelation and the Olivet Discourse while I was finishing my Th. M. at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, tak ing a class on Revelation and Apocalyptic with Grant Osborne. Although he rejected preterism, primarily on his dating of Revelation, he did call it “a viable evangelical option.”

I was raised a dispensationalist and went to Moody Bible Institute, where I began to question dispensationalism the more it was touted. . I went to seminary at Liberty, where I was first exposed to preterism, but didn� t fully understand it, and thought is was the most bizarre thing I had ever heard. (I think you were in Lynchburg at the same time�early 90�s). I eventually migrated to a post-trib rapture view (on t he basis that Revelation seems to be written to the church in persecution) and then finally the preterist view seemed to make all the pieces fit together. Thank you!

M. K. (Charlotte, N.C.)

Dr. Gentry

Thank you for all your studies you give and resources you give for post-mill position. It help me a great lot in my escatology studies. I am def post mill now. God bless you.

E.L. (Tucson, AZ)

Note: E.L. is an English-as-second-language speaker.

Dr. Gentry

I got to know your ministry about six months ago from You had delivered a few sermons on eschatology that I found very helpful. I would just like to thank you for your work and encourage you to press on! Thanks!

J.D. (Powell, TN)

Dr. Gentry

I am continually grateful to our great King for your tireless labor of teaching &writing to advance His Kingdom! My family and I have benefited greatly from your cd’s, dvd’s &books. May God grant you continued health and success as you “run for the prize”…

A.M. (Elgin, IL)

Dr. Gentry

I wish to thank you for being used of our LORD and Savior to deliver me from many errors I formerly held to, among them dispensationalism. I pray Christ continues to enable you to faithfully proclaim His Truth as taught in the Scriptures.

J.K. (Sumter, SC)

Dr. Gentry

I am a reader of your works and am a big fan of He Shall Have Dominion. I must say that this book showed me that postmillennialism is an orthodox and biblical interpretation. God bless!

A.S. (Recife, Brazil)

Dr. Gentry

Thank you so much for researching and writing “He Shall Have Dominion.” It is the definitive and comprehensive book on an eschatology of victory. God has blessed me dearly by this work and I take great comfort in the power of the gospel to save and conquer sinners for Christ. Please keep up the good work and service for the Lord that you do.

D.D (Chattanooga, TN)

Dr. Gentry

I admire the scholarly nature of your work and have been blessed by your books and lectures. You were instrumental in God’s hands in my deliverance from the clutches of premillennial dispensationalism, and so I say to you, thanks! May the good Lord give you many more years of service in Christ’s name, and to His glory.”

R.M. (Pawtucket, RI)

Dr. Gentry

Your book called “God Gave Wine” was one of the first Reformed books that I read. Thank you for writing such an biblically informative book on such a misunderstood blessing and cursing if overused.

K.M. (Singapore)

Dr. Gentry

I had given up on the Book of Revelation as not understandable, then I got your book Revelation Made Easy. What a beautiful book! Thanks to you and Gary DeMar, I’ve been able to get a better understanding and deeper interest in the times 30-70AD. Have been waiting for this book.

J.B. (Alpharetta, GA)

Dr. Gentry

All your books have truly inspired and motivated me in thestudy of the end times. I am presently reading Reformed Doctrines by you.

J.B. (Deerfield Beach, FL)

Dr. Gentry, I enjoy visiting your website and reading your writings.

M.B. (Lafayette, LA)

Dr. Gentry

I can’t wait to read this first fruit of your Commentaryon Revelation! I’ve been a student of yours for 20 years. You are the personwho first convinced me of postmillennialism, with “Beast of Revelation: 666”. May God continue to bless your efforts.

W. R. (Midland, MI)

Dr. Gentry

I wanted to write to thank you for your teachings on Postmillenialism. Iordered your DVD “The Beast of Revelation – Identified” a couple of yearsago and insisted that my (unreformed, Dispensational) family watch it withme. Just wanted to encourage you in your ministry. I can thank your teachings(as well those of as Bahnsen and DeMar) for influencing me and giving mean optimistic view of the future to pass on to my two teenage sons as theyboth prepare for a life in collage and the world. I have taught them (andstill am) what you have taught me. Praise be to God!

K.W. (Collinsville, MS)

Dr. Gentry

I am praying and will continue to pray for you. I really can’t waitto get a copy of the Revelation commentary! I’ve purchased a few of yourbooks and they have changed my life, so thank you for all your work!

I.V. (Lyndhurst, NJ)

Dr. Gentry

I am a big fan of your books! Let me know if your coming to Ireland would love to host you.

K.H. (Holland)

Dr. Gentry

I heard you speak at the Ligonier conference years ago, and it rocked my world. 🙂 Read you book Before Jerusalem Fell too, and it opened up my thinking in whole new ways. thank you!

H.L.H. (Tampa, FL)

Dr. Gentry

I appreciate your work in ministry. God bless you and yours.

F.D. (Chicago)

Dr. Gentry

Your books have been a great blessing to me over the years. Thank you for writing them!

R. S. (Comfort, Tex.)

Dr. Gentry

Thank you so much for your work. God has used you in my life as I work out my faith in fear and trembling. I am looking forward to completing the reading of your book, The Beast of Revelation, and many of your other works.


Dr. Gentry

I am almost finished with “The Book of Revelation Made Easy.” It is excellent; you write very similar to Hank Hanegraaff; I agree with your views 100 %. His book, “The Apocalypse Code,” is good, but your book is easier to read and I found myself saying, “Yes, yes!” on just about every page. Keep up the good work!

K.K. (Joplin, MO)

Dr. Gentry

Since watching you on You Tube I’ve been doing a lot more research on Preterism. I’m finding this interpretation of the book of revelation a lot more realistic than the teaching on the rapture. Thank you for opening my eyes to a truth that has somehow been overshadowed by popularity and myth.

G. J. (New York)

Dr. Gentry

Over 20 years ago your booklet played a crucial role in helping me understand the Biblical basis for infant baptism. Thanks so much for your writing!

M.W. (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

Dr. Gentry

Thank you for your work it has helped develop my understanding of eschatology as well as the rest of scripture.

D.S. (Westland, Mich.)

Dr. Gentry

I’m really enjoying your “Made Easy” books. I’ve already read the one on Revelation and now I’m on Postmillenialism. It has helped me so much because I started out reading another book on Postmil and I found out quickly that I jumped in way over my head too soon. I couldn’t really understand what I was reading. But after reading this book, I’ll be able to pick it back up and glean more from it.

D.W. K. (Ft. Walton Beach, FL)

Dr. Gentry

I wanted to thank you for all the research you’ve done on the moderate preterist position. I find your work the most satisfying treatment of the significant time references in NT prophecy as well as all the imagery of Revelation. I find your work a solace in the midst of complicated and imaginative interpretations.

I’m currently working towards a Ph.D. in theology at Dayton University. I have recommended your research to some of the professors down here that had never heard of your work.

Here is a brief on-line note I wrote about your book “Before Jerusalem Fell“:

“Never in my life have I read or heard more persuasive argumentation for the interpretation of the Book of Revelation than in Gentry’s book. His approach as a whole makes more sense of the internal and external evidence while providing satisfying confidence about the biblical prophetic imagery.”

A deeply appreciative reader,

BRC (Bluefield, Vir.)

Dr. Gentry

I just wanted to say thanks for your writing and teaching. It has really been a blessing to me over the last few years as I have broken fear a bit of my assumed Christian theology of dispensational, premillennialism and all that stuff.


Dr. Gentry

I just wanted to share with you that since I came to Christ in 1990 I wasn’t given milk, but meat and potatoes. I was thrown right into Hal Lindsey, Kenneth Copeland, Jack Van Impe and the like. I would say around 2000 I really started to ask questions about the whole rapture and mark of the beast line of thinking. The person who led me to the Lord assured me that Nero wasn’t the beast and everything was to happen in the near future. I didn’t want to argue so I just dismissed it and kept things to myself.

The more research I did the more things made sense that much of Revelation had already taken place. On the weekend I met another Christian who believes in preterism and I was so excited because I finally met someone in person who thought along the same lines as Hank Hannegraaff and yourself.

I just finished watching your ” The Beast of Revelation” video and it has opened my heart and eyes to finally say yes, this makes sense now more than ever. I want to thank you so much for your hard work and wisdom to bring the truth about the final book of the bible to many christians like myself. I am now sharing it with another brother in christ that I work with. You have no idea how you have helped me.

Thank you so very much!

R.M. (Ontario, Canada)

Dr. Gentry

Thank you so much for your committment to the Word of God. I have appreciated your material and look forward to reading more from you.

M.P. (Palmdale, CA)

Dr. Gentry

I’m currently reading through your ‘Covenant Theonomy: A response to T. David Gordon and Klinean Covenantalism.’ I just started the section on Gordon’s attack against Bahnsen’s take on Covenant theology. So far it has been excellent in that it helped me to flesh out where folks such as my Pastor and folks at the White Horse Inn… are coming from. I was having a hard time pinning down what it was that people were objecting to in regards to Theonomy and this Klinean approach has revealed a lot for me. Thanks for your great work and God bless.”

E.C. (East Smithfield, PA)

Dr. Gentry

I felt it necessary to write you a letter of appreciation. I received my B.A. in Biblical Studies at The Masters College and my M.Div at The Master’s Seminary. Obviously, like yourself, I was immersed in dispensationalism.

It wasn’t until I read your book Before Jerusalem Fell that I really began to wrestle with the biblical text regarding dispensationalism, covenant theology, premill/postmill, the place of Israel and the church, etc. Your internal and external research and arguments for both the early dating of Revelation and the partial-preterist view of Revelation was very convincing. Honestly, I found myself fighting your book, wanting to resist your arguments, but I had no good reasons to do so! I was almost speechless at your evidence — especially the biblical evidence. I’ve also greatly benefited from other books of yours recently including He Shall Have Dominion.

I just wanted to thank you, Dr. Gentry, for your thorough research and careful explanation of God’s Word and your ministry through writing. I pray that the Lord will continue to give you strength, wisdom, and diligence in your writing ministry.

J.W. (Arizona)

Dr. Gentry

Thank you for all the research you have done and continue to do. May God continue to bless your endeavors.

K.P. (Hampton, Vir.)

Dr. Gentry

Your exegetical seriousness should be enough to grab the attention of all the Dispy’s. But, sad to say, they want to be sticking to a very devious and faulty hermeneutics.

Your writings show that if they want to stick to their LITERAL INTERPRETATION principle, the result of that should be put to shame for more than one Dispensationalist.

Thank you very much for your work and your clear thought.

D. D. (Chile)

Dr. Gentry

You have been a huge influence by God’s Spirit to shape my understanding of the Kingdom, the success of the gospel amongst the nations, and have helped foster my desire to be a church planting missionary someday, the Lord willing of course. Thanks for your labors for King Jesus!

V.N. (Palmdale, CA)

Dr. Gentry

Well I just finished “Navigating The Book of Revelation.” It would not be accurate to say that it was everything I expected it would be. By no means; it far exceed that. Thank you for making this contribution to the Christian world. It was simply exceptional.

REB (Greenville, SC)

Dr. Gentry

Last night I finished your book “Navigating the Book of Revelation.” As usual, it was very good and loaded with logical and informative insight—I can’t imagine what the whole commentary of Revelation will be like! Thanks for all your work!

S.J. (Iowa)

Dr. Gentry

Thank you for your time and ministry; it has impacted and help me grow immensely in my faith and share the great hope with others.


Dr. Gentry

My wife and I greatly appreciate your writings. We have just finished “He Shall Have Dominion” and thought it was tremendous! Thank you for your work.”

B.P. (Michigan)

Dr. Gentry

I first read your book, He Shall Have Dominion, in the early 1990s. It was the first book I had seen with all the answers in one place whereas for the prior 10 years I had to read multiple sources to come to the same conclusions! Thanks for your helpful work.”

D.S.P. (Iowa)

Dr. Gentry

I’m a big fan of your writings. They have helped me since I used to be a Dispensationalist. Take care and God bless!

R.O. (Houston, Tex.)


Dr. Gentry

A friend of mine gave me your book, God’s Law in the Modern World. It helped me a great deal! I particularly liked the introduction because, coming from a dispensational background, I could really relate to the things you mentioned. Thanks for your ministry in writing.

D.C. (Kansas)

Dr. Gentry

Several months ago I ordered from you the “He Shall Have Dominion” book and I am continuing to thoroughly enjoy it. I’ve read several of the chapters many times over (your organization of the material makes that very easy to go specific areas) and I have been greatly encouraged by your presentation of this eschatology of hope.

I found your writing style to be very modern, meaning you are very clear and fluid in your argumentation – it has been an absolute pleasure to read it in the evenings when I have finished with my regular obligations. I thank you not only for the content you bring forth, but also for the craftsmanship in your prose. Keep up the good work!

J. H. (Cottonwood, CA)

Dr. Gentry,

I admire and respect your work and look forward to reading the new material. Blessings!

D.V. (Oceanside, CA)

Dr. Gentry

Thanks for all your research, it has strengthened us more than you will ever know.

J.J. (Katy, Tex.)

Dr. Gentry

Thanks for your great materials regarding ethics and eschatology! A number of years ago my dentist placed “Perilous Times” in my hands. I have also read “God’s Law in the Modern World,” portions of “God Gave Wine,” etc. Thank you and keep up the good work.

C.H. (Witchita, KS)

Dr. Gentry

Thank you very much for your excellent teaching. I’m so thankful that I’ve no longer consigned Revelation as a book of the Bible that I’d probably never really understand.

God bless you!

B.B. (Greenville, SC)

Dr. Gentry

Your book The Beast of Revelation changed my whole theology. I was never satisified with pre-mil dispensationalism. I came across your book, and accompanying production, and it was the first time I had heard Revelation explained without twisting or ignoring scripture. I wondered what else you could be right about. Through you I am now a Calvinist, Post-mil, Reconstructionist, Agrarian.

Thank you Sir for writing. Please keep it up!

T.L. G., Lubbock, Tex.

Dr. Gentry

Before Jerusalem Fell was awsome, I really enjoyed it. I began to read eschatology along the lines of the preterist view about 20 years ago before I had ever heard there was such a view. I thought I was the only one for many years.Its been quite a struggle teaching in the church with hyper-dispensationalism becoming so popular, practically defeating the understadning of the church.

Thank you for your work!

T.J.W., Richmond, VA

Dr. Gentry

Thanks for the years of books, lectures, and preaching. You have helped ground me in The Faith and I’m forever grateful.

D.G., San Diego, Calif.

Dr. Gentry

Hi, Brother, I’m a retired Captain from the CA Prison system and a big fan of your works. I’m still working my way through and have enjoyed your presentations on YouTube. I am newly becoming engaged in Presuppositionalism and Theonomy. Since I have the time, I’m loving fully exploring this paradigm shift. Thanks for your service in our Savior’s work.

J.B., Bakesfield, Calif.

Dr. Gentry

I just wanted to thank you for all the work you have done in presenting the preterist position of interpretation of the biblical presentation of eschatological events. I cant thank you enough for the help you have given me to understand the Bible and the sayings of Jesus in Matt 24 and the book of Revelation.

You see, I was a Jehovah’ Witness for the last 27 years and was bothered by the way the Watchtower interpreted the Olivit discourse in Matt 24 and Luke 21. It wasn’t until I read things online about the first century fulfillment that it really started to set in. I can still remember the night that I read and understood that “Babylon the Great” was not “the world empire of false religion” that would soon be destroyed at Armegeddon but rather the great city Jerusalem itself. I didn’t sleep at all that night as the NT started to come together to me for the first time and all the teachings and parables of Jesus and John began to make sense.

I have been able to get many of my JW friends out of the organization by simply pointing out as you have taught me the words of John concerning the time indicators in the beginning of the revelation, as well as John’s clear teachings that it was the city where the Lord was crucified, and how the revelation clearly ties the entire NT together with its teachings and parables.

I have been reading all of your writings, and am greatly looking forward to your new book on Revelation that you are engaged in. I am very thankful for your time and dedication in presenting this to the Christian community. Your work has had a huge effect in me and my wife’s life. It has freed us from the hold of a very powerful religion that teaches such errors in its understanding of end time prophecy. The Bible is really a simple to understand book. It was all right there in front of me for many years, but though I read those verses a thousand times, a thousand times it was hidden from me regarding the meaning of the words and parables.

I thank God that persons such as you and others are providing the keys and exposing the light of the revelation to those who are searching for a deeper understanding of truth of what happened to our Christian ancestors and what they taught and believed. I had blinds on my eyes for many many years, Jesus has used you to remove those blinds and now I see the clear and simply teachings of the bible and prophecy in the wonderful and exciting message of the revelation and unfolding of Gods purpose.

Thanks for all you have done and will do,


Dr. Gentry

I am writting this in order to contact Brother Gentry. I am a pastor in Tulsa OK. I want to congratulate Pastor Gentry for his writting refuting Dispensationalism. I am an ex-Dispensationalist myself and I am presently studying the PRETERIST postion that pastor Gentry advocates. It is really amazing to see how this position fits better with the Scriptures than Dispensationalism does. My desire is that Christians come to understand not only the doctrines of Grace known as Calvinism, but also, the eschatology that Brother Gentry embraces which is so consistent with what the Bible says, and avoids all the sensationalism so prevalent in Dispensationalist circles. Thank you brother Gentry for your great work in this area too abused presently by many so called “experts”.

D.D., Tulsa, OK

Dr. Gentry

You are impacting the Christian community with your incredible scholarship. What could I do as a believer to best impact my community — both believers and unbelievers? I just really want my life to count for something!

J. D., California

Dr. Gentry

I’ll keep this short since your time is valuable! I am just short of the halfway point in your Divorce of Israel lectures and am thoroughly enjoying them. They are well researched and present a refreshing change of view. I wanted to send a quick e-mail to say your work is appreciated and vital to the Body in this hour. By the way, Perilous Times was also top notch. Thanks for your work and many blessings to you,

J.K. (Willowbrook, IL)

Dr. Gentry

Your Before Jerusalem Fell was the most revolutionary piece of modern theological non-fiction that I have ever read. I would love to keep up with your writing.

STW, Atlanta, GA

Dr. Gentry

I am thankful that I have been allowed to sit and listen to such a teacher as you, and thank God for his calling you into such an undertaking. Let me again thank you for your attention and concern for the people of God, and I will be ordering more of your work.

H.C. Lapel, Indiana

Dr. Gentry

I thank you for how you have so often helped me personally over the last year via email when I have written you. God bless you and your ministry and may the Lord continue to shine upon you and yours.

J.K. Lynchburg, Virginia

Dr. Gentry

I purchased Before Jerusalem Fell a few weeks ago. I have been reading more about Revelation as I prepare to teach it (a second, amended time!). Thanks for your hard work.

B.B. Minden, Nevada

Dr. Gentry

Thanks for your writing ministry. God bless and I pray that you won’t grow weary in well-doing.

Dan Cole

Dr. Gentry

I truly appreciate your ministry. May God be glorified in your writings.

E.R.S., Beaumont, Calif.

Dr. Gentry

I love your book “Before Jerusalem Fell!” Great writing and keep up the good work! I now feel very comfortable being a partial-preterist/post-millennialist after years of dispensational teaching.

J.A., Benton, AR

Dr. Gentry

You made a postmillennialist out of me. I’m forever grateful.

P.F., Birmingham, AL

Dr. Gentry

I appreciate your research, publications and DVDs. They have been extremely helpful shaping my understanding of Revelation. During my years of study, prior to reading your research, I had been bothered by the first few verses of chapter 1. In context, my sense was, it had to apply to the first century audience. After reading your dissertation (extremely thorough) and watching your presentation at Ligonier, I completed a study of how the original language words are used in other scriptual contexts. That was additional confirmation. Thank you for your diligence.


Dr. Gentry

I’ve been very blessed by many of your books, in particular your work on literal, six day creation! May God continue to use you greatly!”

Y.K. (Chicago)

Dr. Gentry

Your books played a major role in my understanding of Revelation and the error of dispensationalism.

D.C. (Portsmouth, Vir.)

A friend of mine loaned me Demystifying Revelation, and it immediately changed my life!!! I’ve been a believer for thirty years, and the Bible became so clear…almost like the first time I’d ever heard it when Dr. Gentry spoke.

J. D. (Atlanta)

Dr. Gentry

Your He Shall Have Dominion is the most pivotal work in forming my eschatology. Praise God for your labor in His kingdom!

L. B. (Virginia)

Dr. Gentry

My journey to discover the truth about eschatology transpiredover 6 years. I am now 42 years old, raised in church all my life. I have beena minister for over 20 years now and once held to a historic premillennialist view/posttribview as a pastor (that the rapture and resurrection were one and the same) that viewed the kingdom much like a post mil, but within the confines of apessimistic historic premil view that all was going to get worse and worse. In my understanding, the timing passages did not make sense-soon was 2,000 years away, etc. And I avoided the book of Revelation and other prophetic books altogether. Dr. Ken Gentry�s writings have been a breath of fresh air to my mind and soul. Thank you Jesus! The Word of God makes so much more sense. The books of the Bible have taken on a more connected story line. The theonomic/postmillennial message is so convincing and exciting! I have been sharing it with my fellow pastors, family and friends. I see happening in them as it did in me, as I share what I have learned, the light turns on, and a biblical “Aha moment” occurs, they comment to me: “That makes so much sense.” You will find Dr. Gentry’s approach thorough and absolutely convincing. God bles syou Dr. Gentry for taking heed to your ministry to fulfill it with such passion, diligence, and excellence. My preaching and teaching has taken on a bigger andmore connected message.

D.P. (Indianapolis)

Dr. Gentry

I have recently been reading some of your articles and books. I just wantedto contact you and tell how much I am enjoying them and how much they edify and encourage me. I feel that the folks from the dispensational camp do have such high-powered superstars who communicate so well (they do have very excellent homiletics) and we in the reformed camp just don’t seem to have as many of those types (R. C. Sproul, the late Dr. Kennedy). I am so happy to see your works getting out there. Thank you for your hard work and scholarship. I greatly appreciate it and look forward to your commentary on Revalation.

R.H. (Columbia, SC)

Dr. Gentry

Our family and church has been so very edified by your work. Best regards, brother.

S.H. (Friendswood, Tex.)

Dr. Gentry

I want to send you a word of encouragement to let you know that the Spirit is using your scholarly efforts in the lives of unbelievers. I work with a man who is philosophically probably a deist but lives practically as an atheist. He, being a student of history, has begun to see dispensationalism’s interpretation of prophecy as a dangerous force, especially as it relates to how the US relates to the sovereign nations in the middle east.

He and I have spent a good number of hours over the last two years talking about biblical prophecy. The way most discussions have gone is that he brings up some dispy interpretation, and I steer him towards a preterist approach to the text at hand. Unbeknownst to me, he ordered a copy of your “Before Jerusalem Fell” shortly after Christmas. Today he handed me his thoroughly highlighted copy of the book, gave me some glowing praise of its contents, and wants to get my opinion on it. He couldn’t say enough good things about how sound your biblical and historical reasonings were and how even-handed your objections to other positions were.

I am very familiar with the preterist conversation and have read large portions of “He Shall Have Dominion“, so I have no doubt this book won’t disappoint. But the thing I am encouraged about, and thing I think will encourage you, is that this man has been impacted by sound exegesis to the point that I feel he is close to the kingdom of God.

Please do not grow weary of doing excellent work nor lose faith in the Spirit’s ability to work through His Word. Although many treat Revelation as a dark book, at least for this man, it appears to truly be the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ.

K.B. (Virginia)

Dr. Gentry

I greatly appreciate your work and am currently reading through several of your books. God bless you and thank you for your service to the Lord.

B.D. (Atlanta, GA)

Dr. Gentry

I’ve read Gentry for years and have found him quite convincing. His books The Greatness of the Great Commission and Before Jerusalem Fell are on the top shelf of my bookcase.

M.K. (Oklahoma)

Dr. Gentry

Regarding He Shall Have Dominion: On the main points I find you convincing and biblical.

K.R. (New Brunswick, Canada)

I respect Gentry, even where I now disagree with his eschatology. He is very scholarly and quite capable of polemics. He Shall Have Dominion is good, as it stands.

.B.A. (Los Angeles)

Gentry is so thorough and detrimental with his exegesis (and no wonder, Bahnsen was his mentor) that it is such an informing read. I would recommend this work (the 2nd edition) to anyone skeptical of Postmillennialism. In “Three Views on the Millennium” I did love Gentry’s rebuttals to the other two views. His refutation of Craig Blaising is a classic! It mainly deals with Blaising’s treatment of Revelation 20, I took Gentry’s excellent exegesis on this passage as a foreshadow of the things to come in his Revelation commentary.

J.J. (Ontario, CA)

I’m currently translating “The Identity of the Beast” featuring Dr. Gentry. I’ve just finished the sermon and am about to start the Q & A, but I’ve got to tell you I have chills running up and down my spine. Coming from a “Left Behind” view kind of background, I can’t tell you have effective and powerful this clear and easy understandable exposition of an overview of the Book of Revelation is.

The freedom that comes with seeing that the horrible tribulation of that book actually happened in the land 2000 years ago, and is not something we ought to look for as if it was coming upon the world is FANTASTIC. I’m just very, very happy about that. We are now free to enjoy a positive gospel and a increasing manifestation of the Kingdom on earth right up until the last and glorius day! And I say that as a pentacostal!

I’m am just very, very very thankful for Dr. Gentry’s ministry and work.

Geir (Trelleborg Sweden)

Dr. Gentry

I have just finished reading “Before Jerusalem Fell” and was greatly helped by the argumentation and presentation of the evidence for the early date of Revelation.

P.J.A.M. (Canada)

Dr. Gentry

Thanks for the outstanding resources and material- it is definitely a service to the body of Christ! Particularly your work to help promote a proper, biblical eschatology.

Aaron R.

Dr. Gentry

I have benefited greatly from your writing, and my wife and I were pleased to see your ministry goals at GoodBirth. I wish there were more churches and teaching outlets of your ilk available in our area. There is certainly a desire for it among the people in our church.

D.S. (Palmyra, Penn.)

Dr. Gentry

I have read you for years now. Thank you for your scholarship and sound teaching. God bless you!

H (Des Moines, IA)

Hello Dr. Gentry

I just wanted to thank you for all that you’ve done for the kingdom of God. I am from Turkey and a Muslim convert to Christ. I was at Dallas Theological Seminary last year but for theological reasons I transferred to Westminster Theological Seminary in Dallas. I will be the third seminary graduate and the first Postmillennial in the entire country of Turkey.

I just wanted to thank you for your studies in eschatology, I was Amillennial when I was at DTS but studying Premillennialism in more detail made me realize more things about Amillennialism and its inconsistency. Now, I am asking my friends at DTS to watch your The Beast of Revelation Identified DVD and read your other books, such as Before Jerusalem Fell. I hope I’ll be able to meet you in person as well.

YK (Turkey)

Dr. Gentry:

I read Covenantal Theonomy with extraordinary profit. Just as I’ve read most of what you’ve written with that kind of profit.

Now what we need is to get that 2 Volume set on Revelation published so I can preach Revelation in 2009. I’ve read Chilton’s work. I’ve listened to your 20 CD lectures. I’m familiar with Hendrickson’s work but what I need to fly is Dr. Gentry’s work! (And I’ll probably look at Beale’s work as well.)

Looking forward to your next big release,

BLM (Charlotte, MI)

Dr. Gentry:

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve finally settled on one more biblical issue as direct result of your teaching: I now believe that tongues ceased in the 1st Century.

I’ve been wrestling with it for a couple years now, but recently i’ve not only found myself decided, but 3 other people have been convinced as well through my relaying your teaching to them. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is. When i was first born again, i was heavily involved in the very charismatic churches and movement. I attended the ‘Toronto Blessing’ of which i’m sure you’ve heard. There’s something i know that very few charismatics will ever admit: the “gift” of tongues is nothing more than a horrible burden. The pressure in those circles to speak in tongues can make you feel like a lesser believer until one day you finally just do it and somehow force yourself to believe there’s something spiritual going on – all the while your brain is telling you that your simply making weird noises. Of course, then they tell you that your brain is getting in the way.

Anyways, i haven’t spoken in tongues in years, but it still has been freeing to finally put to rest that issue. My spiritual journey has taken me a long way and you’ve been a big part of it. In 1994, I was charismatic, arminian, dispensational, premillenial, baptistic, christian zionist, you name it — and i was vehemently against the opposing views. However, I’ve always had a thirst for truth and my life’s prayer has been to consistenly ask God to rid me of false doctrine and lead me into truth.

He has been faithful to answer that prayer and I thought it might be encouraging to you to know that when an insignificant person such as myself asked Him to lead me into Truth — he led me, in great part, to your teaching.

Today, against all odds, I’m a 5-point Calvinist, paedo-baptist, covenantal and “replacement” theology, A/Postmillenialist, orthodox preterist, and lately … cessationist. I can’t tell you how all those terms seemed so horrible to me 14 years ago — and now I am all of them. With the exception of Calvinism, God used you to change my mind on all of them. Thank you.

Sorry for the long email. Won’t happen again… 🙂

A.K., WA

Dr. Gentry:

What a gold mine of info. Thanks for the work. As a graduate of DTS, and now Reformed and Presbyterian, it’s good to know you are here and a great source for information.

Pastor Timothy

Dr. Gentry:

I appreciate very much seeing articles as these turning the hearts of Christians back to the truth presented by the Scriptures. I too was taught dispensationalism as a new Christian. Gradually, the truth of scripture suplanted the wrong dispensational arguments. I lost friends who would rather continue to believe this man made series of errors than to study Scripture for absolute truth.


Dr. Gentry:

I have been a beneficiary of your ministry now for many years. When I was in seminary I recall some vague, disparaging remarks made about your eschatological position.. That was my introduction to your work. Since then I have purchased numerous of your books and benefited immensely from your scholarship in many dimensions of biblical studies. Having come from a typical, dispensationalist perspective, I am now a Reformed postmillennialist. Humanly speaking, your writings have been used by God to influence my thinking to a very great degree. While there are no infallible interpreters of Scripture, I nevertheless have come to place great confidence in the thorough and careful scholarship that your work always exhibits. I have been looking forward for many years to your long-awaited commentary on Revelation. May God continue to bless and multiply your ministry for His glory.

E.D., Pennsylvania

Dr. Gentry:

First I just want to thank you, your writings and speaking have greatly impacted my life and theological outlook. Keep pressing forward with that Revelation commentary, may Christ uphold you in your endeavors.


Prof. Gentry:

I once thought I was a rebel because I didn’t believe in a pre-tribulation rapture. I’d never heard of a preterist or the preterist position. That darn Scofield Bible didn’t have any of that stuff in it. My view of the world and the future were complete. John Hagee said so.

Thank you for blowing all that stuff apart. I don’t know exactly what to make of what I’ve looked at regarding preterism (so far all I’ve seen is the Apocalypse Code from CRI and your co-book The Great Tribulation – Past or Future?) but it’s starting to make portions of the Bible I couldn’t understand seem to fall into some kind of organization. I will say that I’ve come to appreciate three things I never really thought about before: 1) the sustained persecution of the first generation church orchestrated by the Jews and contributed to by the Romans even before Nero came along; 2) how really bad and consequential the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD actually was to the Jews while being a really good thing to get Christianity moving toward a world arena; and 3) how hard it can be to determine symbolic from literal in some Bible passages.


Dr. Gentry:

You probably don’t hear this enough so let me say that I believe that the work that you have done and are currently doing is some of the most important in Christian academics (or frankly, in any academics) today. We can talk all we want about a Christian Worldview, but if we hold to an eschatology that deflates any type of motivation for influencing the culture in the future then, I think, we’re going to always have a near-sighted vision.

From what I’ve observed, your groundbreaking work on early dating of Revelation along with a clear-headed approach to 1st-century history and apocalyptic is leading many to see the truth in preterism and postmillennial thought. Your debates with Tommy Ice and others show your careful and thoughtful approach to the issues. As the presuppositions of dispensationalism, futurism, and premillennialism are being questioned and disputed to an ever increasing degree, I believe that your work is and will continue to be key to this revolution in thought. Then, maybe we’ll see many reprintings with millions of copies in multiple languages of your works. Thanks again for your faithfulness in your study and teaching of God’s Word.


Dr. Gentry:

I just want to thank you for your contribution to eschatological studies. I was a “dyed in the wool” dispensationalist until about two years ago, when a friend of mine challenged me with the question of whether Jesus was lying or just confused in Matthew 24:34. I had learned the standard dispensational interpretations of that verse, but I had begun to see other holes in their eschatology and, frankly, had begun to get tired of their hopeless view of the Church. You see, I had started to read the Puritans and other Reformed writings some years before, and the two views just don’t jive. Now I had a choice to make and I wanted it to be a biblical one. That was when I discovered your books: The Beast of Revelation, Perilous Times, and He Shall Have Dominion (Now going through my second reading). I really appreciate your sound approach to the Scriptures and I have become newly committed to doing my part to carry out the Great Commission.

Thank you.


Dr. Gentry:

The Lord has recently provided me with a mentor and I have truly enjoyed learning of Greg Bahnsen’s presuppositional and theonomic understanding. I came across your name and writings which led me here to begin to enjoy your writings and knowledge, as well. I have a great desire to attain to a greater understanding of applied presuppositionalism and theonomy. Before now I had shelved all eschatological viewpoints except as taught by Scripture. I am finding myself heading toward postmillenialism as truth and am finding that I will not be able to grow much more until I finally embrace the true eschatological viewpoint in my Christian worldview. From what I am beginning to understand, you are an excellent expositor of postmillenialism. I am 44 now and am only a babe in Christ but I truly desire His truth and the application of it in every aspect of life.

J.D. McConnells, SC

Dr. Gentry:

I have the utmost respect for you and you have been a great teacher to me through your books, videos and audio recordings. Thank you for your help and know that you have made a great impact upon me.

May God continue to bless you richly as you serve Him and His people.


(Baptist Pastor)

Dr. Gentry:

It is a pleasure to help you in some way. You are the best theologian in eschatology that I ever knew. May God bless you always! Many people in Brazil are criticizing me for hold the preterism and postmillennialism, but the truth is more important.

Thanks for your ministry!



Dr. Gentry:

I have almost finished reading your book “He Shall Have Dominion“, and it has convinced me of the Biblical case for theonomic postmillennialism. It is amazing how your view of the future, raising your children, managing your money and all other aspects of Christian living become more important and more religious when you are preparing for a glorious future rather than awaiting the growing apostasy of amillennialism. Life takes on more of a sense of purpose with the Biblically based optimism afforded by this view.

Thanks for your help and God bless you for your ministry. Authors such as yourself have improved my relationship with the Lord by helping me develop a more Biblical view of God.


Dr. Gentry:

I am a SBC pastor who planted and pastors a church in Southern California. Over a year ago I began to put my Dispensationalism on the “chopping block” of my study. After much study, I have come, painfully but joyfully, to a Postmillennial position. I have always been Reformed in my theology so the move wasn’t as hard as it was painful to think about all those years and all those sermons about a pre-trib rapture!

Iwrite you this email to let you know that your articles have been a great help to me in my studies.


Murietta, CA

Dr. Gentry:

I wanted to let you know first that I thank God for the work that you have done to help the church with your work in the book of Revelation. It as help me not only in understanding the Revelation of Jesus better but also helping me to understand other text of the bible much better. I have read your work the Beast of Revelation , Perlious times, and watched your video the beast revealved. All have been great in my study and growth in my understanding in Revelation and in the bible in general.


Dr. Gentry:

I can’t tell you how much your teaching has effected my life. I went to a ….hold on let me get this right :}… independent, fundamental, seperated Baptist Bible College. Whew! That’s a mouthfull. But, anyway, I received straight A’s in Eschatology (Dispy Pre-mill). And when I spoke on the subject to others the Lord always was creating a very uncomfortable stir inside my spirit. When I decided to just take off the blinders and ask God for understanding, He brought me to Revelation. I read it 4 times in a row and discovered that everything that I believed seemed to be contradicting what I was reading. I then spotted your book at Borders where you debate Thomas Ice. I read it. And here we are. Life, Eschatology and outlook changed forever. I hope you take this as a genuine word of encouragement brother. Keep doing what you are doing. I will be keeping you in prayer. And ordering more soon.


Dr Gentry,

I first learned of your material when you spoke at a Theological Bootcamp with Doug Phillips. Since then I have devoured Greg Bahnsen’s works. I have found your work on the Confession and the chapter on Revelation in Standard Bearer to be quite good. You have blessed me, and no doubt many others. May God enable you to do even more work for his Kingdom.


ackson, MS

Dr. Gentry,

I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for your ministry. You are probably aware that the Lord is blessing the works of your hands, and that the impact of your books and teachings are having a global impact.

I am a Swedish missionary in India that the last ten years has taken the journey from being a rabid dispensationalist to become a (creedal) preterist/postmillennialist. It has boosted my missionary fervor, given our ministry here the right direction (rather than only “saving souls” our ministry is more holistic) and faith for a redeemed nation.

My transition began with a dear friend of mine giving me a copy of your book “He Shall Have Dominion“. It presented me with an idea that I had been thirsting for my whole Christian life – but that I’d never been offered before. It made such total sense to me that I virtually bought an entire new library – and begun reading the Bible in a whole new light. Again, thank you for your faithfulness. May God continue to bless you and your family.



Dr. Gentry

Thank you for your studies and for your teaching resources. My fiancee and I are currently listening to your 22 part Revelation lectures. We find them very interesting and helpful. We also just finished reading your “God’s law in the modern world” book. I came away from that book astonished that it is not the default position of Christianity. The evidence for that position seems so strong and clear.



Dr. Gentry:

I have just finished reading your book The Beast of Revelation and want you to know how thoroughly I enjoyed it. In fact, I bought another five copies and have given them away in the past couple of weeks. I have also read Before Jerusalem Fell as well as The Great Tribulation-Past or Future. Your books along with Gary DeMar’s Last Days Madness have been a great help to this lapsed dispensationalist pastor.


Truckee, CA

Dr. Gentry:

I have been blessed by your teaching on the subject of “The Beast of Revelation” (video tape) . For many years I’ve had missing pieces in my understanding of this wonderful and complex book. Your teaching has made my faith soar and my heart calm down from unwarranted fears(not from the excitement of my heart through better understanding).

I hope you’ll continue to do these study videos as a more in-depth series when time permits you(I know you’re very busy). I have been sharing this teaching and showing the video to others as The Lord leads me. I am also sharing this new found understanding to some of the “prophecy/endtimes” websites in hope to pull some or many out of the deep woods of misunderstanding (see below for an example e-mail letter).

I also have just started reading your book “Before Jerusalem Fell” and know it will be a blessing too. Thank you for doing harder work to make my yolk easier(this life is hard enough). You’ve blessed me greatly my friend and my good brother.


I am the Baptist pastor of a small congregation in Western Australia and was interested in seeing Dr Gentry encouraged to complete his work on the Book of Revelation. I am one of those who looks forward to “the soon” coming of this commentary, and hope that “soon” means something more accurate than an indefinite period of time.