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GoodBirth Ministries was established to assist believers in understanding, applying, and promoting a full-orbed Christian worldview with a view to equipping them to defend against and challenge the various expressions of unbelief in our modern culture. We are seeking to do this through several means, one of which is by promoting a vibrant conference ministry.

Conference Benefits

We believe a conference ministry promoting God’s word offers several benefits:

  • It promotes spiritual growth among the members of your church, mission or organization by encouraging them to come together for concentrated theological training on important biblical themes.
  • It affords opportunity for your members to enjoy in-depth study and interaction with Dr. Gentry as well as allowing them further opportunities for Christian fellowship with other conferees and speakers.
  • It provides you an opportunity to promote your church or organization through a strong Christian educational outreach ministry.

Conference Ideas

    Dr. Gentry has spoken at conferences throughout the nation, as well as in the Caribbean and Australia. He enjoys promoting God’s word and meeting God’s people.

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Dr. Gentry is available to speak on a select range of biblical and theological topics at your church or group. His conference lectures always provide a syllabus to assist your people in their training. These syllabi provide clearly-structured, detailed outlines that allow conferees to keep pace with the lectures and to take additional notes for future reference.


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A well-conducted conference greatly strengthens your Christian educational program. Please contact our office and let us assist you in ministering God’s word to your people. Dr. Gentry gladly accepts radio interviews in advance of your conference or seminar to help promote it.

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