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Two different abominations?

Dr. Gentry:

How do you reconcile the "then" in Matt 24:9 with the "but before all these things" in Luke 21:12? Charles Missler claims that this as proof that there are two different abominations in view as well as two different temples.

Dr. Gentry's response:

Thanks for your question. I would note the following:

  1. Sometimes Scripture only loosely deals with before/after connections. Consider the "problem" with Judas at the Passover/Lord's Supper service. In Matt (26:19-27) and Mark (14:16-24) the Passover appears before the Lord's Supper; in Luke it appears after it (Luke 22:13-23).
  2. Matthew's "then" statement probably means "then during these things" rather than "after" these things. Luke's "before" statement may mean "before these things are completed," In this case there is no conflict.
  3. But whatever interpretation one puts on these verses, the whole "problem" cannot be a concern against the preterist view because both Matt 24:1-34 and Luke 21 clearly refer to soon coming events as dogmatically declare in Matt 24:34 and Luke 21:32.