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The Mark of the Beast and Computer Technology

Dr. Gentry:

What's the "Mark of the Beast"? And because your answer will obviously have to have some first century application, isn't it at all curious to you that for the first time in human history -- with microchips, retinal scanners, a growing one-world economy, etc.—that the technology exists to make the "Mark of the Beast" a reality?

F.P. (Raleigh, NC)

Dr. Gentry's response:

The computer technology of today does not fit the requirement of the text of Revelation for the following reasons:

  1. The mark of the Beast is no more a literal mark than the mark of the Lamb in the next few verses (14:1).
  2. Such a mark is a metaphor for dominion and control. In Rev 13 no one may buy or sell without the mark.
  3. The beast who imposes it has divine pretensions, forcing his worship on the world (13:4, 8). This speaks of emperor worship by Nero Caesar.
  4. This very OT oriented book is using the mark on the right hand and forehead as a negative reflection on God's requiring his Law on his people (Dt 6:8).
  5. Any present day mark goes against John's time-frame (near), relevance (persecuted churches), and theme (judgment of Israel).

Thanks for your question. I hope this helps.